Manage your patients

Easily find, add or edit contact information. Archive patients when needed and reactivate with a click. Tada!

Robust calendar system

Intuitive drag and drop calendar interface. Want to see John on Tuesday? Just drag him (not literally) onto the calendar and voila!

Intelligent map and routing

No more not having a visual where your patients live. We do this for you. We'll even optimize your route. Automatically!

Highly mobile

Syncs between devices instantly


Desktop, Laptop, Web

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Simple and intuitive calendar

Quickly see your workflow

Color coded to help you get a faster overview. Patient types, appointment colors, and status icons so you know your next steps.


Organize and maintain

Advanced patient management

Stay organized

Categorize patients by color and tags.

Easy access

Call, text, and navigate with a click.

Visual overview

See past and future appointments visually.


Advanced artificial intelligence

Intelligent route optimization

Route optimization with a click of a button. Need to see someone within a specific time range? That's easy. Just pick a time range and Zigbuddy AI will calculate the best route. (For those who like figuring things out themselves, you can manually organize your day)


Simple, easy, & intuitive

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Flexible and visual

Smart maps with regional colors

Visually see patient locations on a map. Draw custom areas to help you make decisions about who to see and when.


Safe and secure

HIPAA Compliance

World-class encryption and security to ensure confidentiality and integrity of Protected Health Information (PHI).


Simple, no nonsense


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per month

You get everything for one low price. Save an hour or more a day.

14-day free trial, no credit card

The list goes on and on


  • Add and manage patient information to calendar and map

  • Manage phone numbers and dial with a click

  • Input and manage addresses and e-mails

  • Categorize patients by company or agency

  • Categorize patients by geographic areas

  • Toggle by category what is visible on the calendar

  • Calendar with no "hidden visits" - unlike most calendar programs

  • Personalize and create custom categories

  • Create tags for patients

  • Star favorite patients

  • Archive inactive patients

  • Color code patients to easily differentiate

  • Intuitive drag and drop calendar interface

  • Manually or use drag and drop to create appointments

  • Visually see patients' locations on map

  • Color coded map pins for faster identification

  • Mark visit appointments as confirmed, cancelled, left message, or completed

  • Easily plan your day by manually ordering your patients or let ZigBuddy optimize the best route for you

  • Use route optimization with time windows to automatically calculate the best route

  • Ability to choose where to start and end the day before going home

  • ZigBuddy will tell you when to leave home to get to your first patient

  • ZigBuddy calculates estimated time when you will arrive at each patient's home so you can give them a more accurate time estimate

  • Calculate your work time and how many miles you drove during your work day

Plan. Organize. Map. All in one place.

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